Sound + Performance

Elura aims to deliver “exceptional sound out of the box without compromise”. Following this principle, Elura speakers outperform the competition with audible depth and sleek design. Elura partnered with Sonance, the inventor of the architectural speaker to create a mind blowing series of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.

Product Line


Blue label is the collaborative efforts of the Elura team and Sonance (Dana Innovations), the inventor of the in-wall speaker, to create a series of premium architectural speakers. The primary design objective for Blue Label is to provide a realistic true to recording sound in any room in your home regardless if you are listening to music or watching a movie. To achieve this goal, the team had to find materials that had inherently superior sound characteristics, and that could be acoustically tuned to perfection. The Elura team is confident that the Blue Label speakers by Sonance will sonically outperform any speaker in its category.


Elura Red Label is the speaker line that pioneered the quest for a no-nonsense, uncompromised sound, combined with the best aesthetics. To create a product with this type of high quality sound, the design team at Elura compared the sonic and spectral signature of numerous architectural speakers in the industry. Based on the results of their findings, they identified deficiencies in other speakers and designed a new platform to ensure that the Red Label series provided the listener with a stunning, audible experience. The overwhelming amount of praise from the audio industry confirmed that Red Label speakers were a winner.


“These speakers sound too good for the money” has become the mantra of what our Elura Black Label line represents. Black Label is Elura’s entry point into HiFi home audio. Elura Black Label will sonically outperform most speakers that are over twice their price. The same strict standards that are applied to the Elura premium offerings are present in the design and performance of the Black Label series.